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Don’t Let Brands Profit By Dangering Your Health

Many major personal care brands sell products in the U.S. containing harmful toxic ingredients banned in Europe but replace those ingredients with safer non-banned ingredients when selling the same product in Europe. They do this because the safer ingredient is more expensive so they are sacrificing the health of U.S. Consumers for higher profits.

Safer Brands For You to Consider

Listed below are some of the skincare, cosmetics, hair care and household Brands that meet our safety and effectiveness criteria. Each Brand is committed to only formulate their products with both safe and effective ingredients

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While we have researched many of their products and checked consumer reviews for effectiveness, you should be sure to enter any of their products that you are considering into so we can check its current ingredient list and provide you with any harmful ingredients that product might include.

Special Brands

Skincare, Makeup, Bath & Beauty Award
Winning Non-Toxic

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Household Products
Pure, Safe and Highly Effective

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Award Winning Clean & Effective
Products Full Line of Makeup,
Skincare, Hair and Body Care

20 Multi-Award Winning Skincare and Cosmetics Products for High Performance & Safety Including: