Cash Rebates

Who Receives the Cash Rebate?

Cash Rebates are available during your Achieve Beauty Free 30 Day Trial and always available to Achieve Beauty Members for all recommended products.

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How Does Achieve Beauty Cash Rebate Work?

  • To receive your Cash Rebate simply purchase as normal on the seller’s site.
  • By clicking this button the seller will know you came from Achieve Beauty and will process your Cash Rebate which Achieve Beauty will add to your Achieve Beauty account within 7 days.

What if my Cash Rebate Does Not Appear
or is Different Than Expected?

If after 7 days you do not see Cash Rebates on your account’s My Information Page, or the amount of Cash Rebate is different than you expected. please submit a Cash Rebate Inquiry

What if I Return the Product Ordered?

If you return or exchange the product, the amount of the Cash Rebate received will be charged to your Achieve Beauty Account.

When Do I Receive My Cash Rebate?

All Cash Rebate amounts will appear in the My Information Section of your Achieve Beauty Account as soon as the seller’s site verifies your purchase. This can take up to 7 days to be validated. Your Cash Rebate amount will become available once Achieve Beauty receives it from the site and you’ve accumulated at least $25 of Cash Rebates. This normally occurs within 30 to 60 days depending on the seller.

You will be notified when your Cash Rebate is available for payment, so that you can let us know whether you want to receive it by check, direct deposit, or PayPal. There’s no limit to the amount of Cash Refunds you can receive.

Enter or Change Bank Account
Where We Should Send Your Cash Rebates

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Bank Account Number For Cash Rebates
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