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I just learned that skincare and hair care products we or our family put on our skin are absorbed into our blood within 26 seconds and is proven to cause major health and skin and hair problems

Click this link ( to go to a great website that has a free ingredient checker. You simply enter the name of products you use, and it reveals ingredients in those products that have been proven to cause heart disease, cancer, slow child mental development, infertility, along with acne, premature skin aging, breakouts, hair loss and other problems that I want to prevent and I’m sure you do.

I am sending this link to people I know because Europe bans 1,700 toxic ingredients but the U.S. only bans 30 because cosmetic lobbies kept the FDA from having the needed authority.

The industry is so corrupt. They also keep prices so high because they are allowed to price fix. But after the pandemic there are now online sites that save you up to 50% on most of the popular cosmetics, skincare and hair care products we’re using. These sites are also shown in the attachment so you can see how much you can save.


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Let me know if it’s helpful.

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Sample Email Send to People You Know

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