Cosmetics Product Dangers

Lipstick Dangers

Lips easily absorbs ingredients and each time you lick your lips, or eat you ingest another small dose of these toxic chemicals. Studies show that lipsticks include ingredients linked to miscarriages, infertility, cancer, and more. Some are banned in Europe but still sold in the U.S.

Blush & Bronzer Dangers

Blush & Bronzer remain on your skin all day and have toxic ingredients that according to Safe Cosmetics and EWG are proven carcinogens. Other Blush & Bronzer ingredients have been linked to eczema, hives, and anaphylaxis. Many of the color additives are also considered carcinogenic even at low levels.

Foundation Dangers

Some toxic ingredients in foundation can mimic estrogen causing many conditions like oily skin, brain fog, breakouts, dry flaky skin, fatigue, and much more. Some can disrupt hormones which leads to Infertility, trouble getting and staying pregnant, painful and irregular periods.

Nail Polish Dangers

Many people wrongly think that nail polish isn’t absorbed into our blood, but nail polish solvents actually increase the skin’s absorption and cause serious health problems. Many nail polish ingredients sold in the U.S. are banned in Europe and may negatively affect both liver and kidney health, cause breast and other cancers and be detrimental to heart health and blood circulation. In addition the inhalation of nail polish fumes can be very harmful and so can ingestion that results from nail-biting with young children.

Check Your Product’s Dangers