Customized Hair Care Routine & Products

There is no doubt that hair is one of the most fundamental features in your appearance. When your hair looks its best, most people feel better. Unfortunately, there are many reasons that contribute to dry, damaged, dull, unmanageable or other troublesome conditions. And, making your hair look its best is determined by the effectiveness of your daily hair care routine, and the products you use to care for it.

Whether the strands on your head are straight, wavy, curly or coiled, each type requires a specific hair care routine to ensure its optimum health. Characteristics like texture, density, porosity and how thin, thick, kinky, curly, straight or coily should all be considered when determining how to treat it and which products to use. Different types of care are needed whether your hair is colored or bleached, and whether its condition is dry, damaged, oily, brittle, thinning, frizzy, unmanageable, has split ends, a flaky scalp and more. And the proper care has to consider if you want to curl your hair, straighten it, tie it up, wear it natural, or use heat tools.

There are also spot treatments for particular areas that are bothering you that will help remedy them. For example, if you’re fed up with how frizzy your hair is, you can use a protein treatment. If your scalp is feeling extra dry, you can apply a super nourishing product designed for that. There are effective treatments for some type of hair loss, split ends, chemical damage, frizzy, easily broken hair, heat damage, sun damage and more.

Once you become an AchieveBeauty member and we know your hair concerns we will make appropriate recommendations to address your concerns.

Hair Routine & Product Overview


Cleansing is a balance between removing dead skin and product residue without stripping the hair of its natural oils. Without a good wash, hair oil will build up, and so will dead skin, leaving unwanted oiliness. If you’re an avid swimmer, you don’t want to leave chlorine on your hair, or if your house has hard water additional products are needed. At the same time, over-washing can be damaging to your hair, depending on your hair type and especially if it is bleached, colored, has been chemically treated or is dry or porous. When you wash your hair every day it strips away the natural oils and proteins that you need to keep your hair and scalp healthy.

Hair Mist


Conditioners have a myriad of benefits. The main one is moisturizing, but others include detangling,
shininess, and frizz reduction. There are three types of conditioners to be used at different times. Each
should be applied after you rinse out your shampoo.