Why Daily Use of Deodorant
Can Be Very Dangerous

If you are like most people, putting deodorant on before you leave the house in the morning is a standard, everyday practice. After all, you want to smell good and feel dry and fresh at all times. And you trust that it will do its job. But have you given any thought to what the cost is for that freshness? And we aren’t referring to money.

There are toxic ingredients in deodorant that you put under your arms daily. And it’s time to make some changes for the benefit of your health.

Is Deodorant Dangerous?

Sweating cools the body and helps remove toxins from it by flushing them out through the lymphatic system. But when a deodorant with antiperspirant keeps you from sweating, these glands end up blocked. Many believe that since most breast cancer cells and tumors are found in the upper area of the armpit that the lack of ability to sweat could be one of the causes. There are studies that show that this very well may be the case.

Additional evidence points to a link between fertility issues, irritation, Alzheimer’s disease, allergies, and toxicity issues with the use of deodorant with toxic ingredients.

All of this is from the deodorants sold everywhere in the U.S. that adolescents and adults use every single day. So what is it that makes them so bad?

Harmful Deodorant Ingredients

Educating yourself on the dangers lurking in your personal care products, like deodorant, is always a smart move when it comes to staying healthier. But this takes a lot of time and effort and is almost impossible without the use of sophisticated computer programming with the dozens of alternate names for most ingredients. The Achieve Beauty Ingredient Analysis Tool makes it easy to discover what harmful ingredients are in your current deodorant.

Below are a very few of hundreds of the harmful deodorant ingredients you need to be looking out for:

It is important to note that many of these ingredients are found in more than just deodorant, so keep an eye out.

What to Look For In Deodorant

When using the Ingredient Analysis Tool by Achieve Beauty, you will receive recommendations for effective alternative deodorants based on your customizations – which is an incredibly easy and convenient way to make better choices. But when you are out shopping, it’s good to have an idea of what you are looking for in deodorant – and what you want to avoid.

Avoid antiperspirants. These contain aluminum and are designed to minimize sweating. And, as you know, sweating is a good thing.

Remember the triclosan that we discussed above? Well, you can easily find it in those deodorants that are considered antibacterial. Instead, you want to look for natural germ fighters like those in the deodorants we recommend.

As enticing as it may be to indulge in all the fun fragrances that line the shelves in the deodorant aisle, this means that there are a lot of extra unknown ingredients that you are rubbing or spraying onto your body. And they stay there all day do it’s quite risky.

Achieve Beauty’s
Better Deodorant Recommendations

If you are looking for a better deodorant, Achieve Beauty can make a recommendation for you based on your needs. This alternative has been thoroughly tested, will stop odors naturally, absorb sweat, and fully discloses all ingredients.

Whether you are looking for a More effective deodorant or you’d like to remove harmful self-care products from your routine, our Ingredient Analysis Tool can help.

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