Deodorants and Breast and Other Cancers

We apply deodorant to our armpits to stop sweating and prevent smells. Your sweat itself doesn’t have a strong odor.

It’s the bacteria on your skin breaking down sweat that produce an odor. It’s important to know that sweating is good because it is one of the body’s main ways to get rid of harmful substances (detox). The toxins that our bodies are trying to flush out go to our lymph system.

The lymph systems works by trapping the bad toxins and flushing it out frequently through our armpits. When the glands in our armpits are blocked, the upper corner of the breasts, are near the armpits, and that is often the site of developing cancerous cells and tumors.

Cancer is also frequently spread throughout the body when cancerous cells break off from a tumor and travel to another location in the body through the lymph system.

Evidence About Deodorants and Cancer

A study done at Reading University in the UK suggests a link between the usage of antiperspirants and breast cancer. They say, the strongest evidence of this is the rise of breast cancer cases in men, one of the largest users of antiperspirant deodorants.

There have been a number of studies done to specifically look at whether deodorants and antiperspirants increase breast cancer risk and Alzheimer’s disease, but unfortunately the findings are mixed. There simply needs to be more studies completed before a conclusive verdict is reached in the medical community.

In any case there is ample evidence that ingredients in many deodorants are linked to development and fertility complications, allergies, irritation, and toxicity issues in different body systems. The variety of chemical ingredients is generally linked to a diversity of health concerns.

Deodorants are of concern because they are used every single day, and build-up becomes inevitable. Knowing that many of the ingredients found in the deodorant that you use every day, and leave on your body for the full day are toxic carcinogens and may cause major health problems should make you want to look for alternatives.

Harmful Ingredients in Deodorants

How To Choose a Deodorant

Replacing deodorants is tough. Many natural deodorants also include toxic ingredients. Natural deodorants are not normally as strong as “normal” ones and antiperspirants. But we have found a fantastic alternative.

Our Recommended Deodorant

Stops Odor Naturally

Our recommend deodorant helps prevent the odor causing bacteria associated with sweating by the use of naturally derived botanicals. According to a review in the journal Clinical Microbiology Reviews, botanical ingredients are safe and conceal bad odors – and may help minimize the bacteria on your skin, which is what causes the odor in the first place.

All Ingredients Fully Disclosed

Instead of using harmful synthetic fragrances, the deodorant we are recommending uses all natural scented rose, coconut or lavender oils to make you smell good. These oils also contain additional antibacterial properties that are good for your body.

Absorbs Sweat Safely

Our recommended product allows you to sweat away toxins but helps control excess sweat without the use of harmful antiperspirant ingredients.

Our Testing

We conducted many tests and found that this deodorant effectively absorbs sweat, soothes skin, and kept the participants in our test feeling fresh all day.