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Online Dermatologists

We can also recommend a selection of Board-Certified dermatologists for you to choose from, licensed in your state. You will receive their evaluation and professional advice though face to face consultations using Skype, Facebook, or Zoom.

You will no longer have to wait weeks for an appointment, travel to the doctor’s office or waste time waiting in their office.

The dermatologist can also prescribe stronger products or oral medications, if needed, sending any needed prescription directly to your local pharmacy.

If you choose to speak with a dermatologist we recommend via Skype, Facebook, or Zoom, there is an initial $49 consultation fee that may be covered by Medicare and many insurance plans. There is no lower cost way to receive advice, diagnosis and necessary medications from a medical, surgical or cosmetic dermatologist while saving so much time.

Spend Less For Same Services

Office Visit


Online Visit


You save $131

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