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This is a part-time or full-time opportunity for you to help people stay safe, save money and achieve better skin and hair. At the same time you can earn $30 an hour or much more, either in your spare time or full time.

How This Program Work & the Benefits it Provides

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After you try for free, and you see the harmful ingredients contained in the products you are using, uncover the high performance of recommended effective and safer products and see how much money you can save, you can receive income by letting other people known about your experience.

Help People Stay Safe & Save Money

Each person that responds to your communication receives a FREE safety and danger ingredient analysis for all the products they’re using. Each analysis also recommends alternative safer products to address the same concerns as the product to be replaced. It also shows them where they can receive online discounts of up to 50% on skincare, cosmetics and hair care products they are currently using or purchase in the future.

Receive Substantial Extra Income

In addition to helping people avoid harmful ingredients, receive personal beauty care advice, and save up to 50% off the cost of their beauty products, you can receive up to $30 an hour for your efforts, or receive a lower guaranteed hourly rate plus a commission of up to 10% for all products purchased, on over 80,000 products sold by sites our site recommends.

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