Why More Men Are Turning to
Personalized Skin Care

BY Seth Czerepak

If You’re Over 30, Personalized Skin Care Consulting
May Be Your New Lifeline

Did you know that healthy skin is even sexier to women than masculine facial features?

According to a recent study published in The Journal of Evolution and Human Behavior, women are more attracted to healthy skin than the classically “handsome” features such as heavy brows, prominent cheek bones, and a defined jaw line.

The research also revealed that women are especially attracted to that tinge of “goldenness” in certain men’s skin. And yes, these results were consistent across multiple ethnic groups. Healthy skin is sexy.

Whether you’re in your 30’s, 40’s or 50’s, you’re in the physical and sexual prime of your life. If you’re married, you want to be more attractive to your wife. If you’re single, you want to be more attractive to women you date. So, what are your current daily skin care habits?