Difference Between Medical Grade
& Over-the-Counter Products

Higher concentration of Active Ingredients

Addresses Acne, Skin Aging, Thinning Or Damaged Hair,
Skin Discoloration, Breakouts, Sensitive Skin & More.

  • Superior performance to products that can be purchased over the counter or at a retail store
  • Ingredients formulated at maximum level below prescription
    strength and are more effective to address specific
    skin and hair conditions
  • Ingredients smaller in molecular size, and better able to
    penetrate the lower skin layer where collagen, elastin,
    pigmentation, and new cells are produced, thereby achieving longer lasting results
  • Medical Grade products have the best ingredients, in the
    purest form, at the appropriate strength, and in correct
    combinations, backed by research and supported by
    favorable consumer reviews.

Retail Store Drugstore Products Are Weaker

  • Over-the-counter skincare & hair care products are made for the general public and often contain a higher level of harmful preservatives, allowing them to sit on store shelves for years
  • They often contain less expensive ingredients that are larger in molecular size making them difficult to penetrate into the lower skin layer, and treat the problem from its core
  • Some OTC products tout an ingredient it includes as an incredible skin-transforming product, but sometimes there are only trace amounts of that ingredient which is a false claim Medical-Grade products don’t make

Medical Grade Products Proven to Work Better

  • To be Medical Grade there needs to be strong clinical evidence proving a positive effect on the skin and hair showing they get results in a shorter time
  • Due to smaller amounts of active ingredients in OTC products they only provide some benefit
  • OTC products are not ideal for those that are seeking to support their skin and hair against the effects of aging and the like

Retail Stores Can’t Sell Medical Grade Products

  • Medical Grade skincare brands normally only make their products available in dermatologist’s offices, medical spas or skin care clinics
  • Dermatologist’s training allows them to ensure that each
    product is capable of delivering results, and is safe for use
    before offering them to their patients.
  • Dermatologists know that that product results will reflect on
    their advice, so it needs to meet their high expectations
  • Medical Grade products are sold at a higher price than OTC
    products because of the higher quality of ingredients

Solution To Medical Grade Product’s Limited
Accessibility Higher Cost

  • AchieveBeauty’s extensive analysis of skincare and hair care
    product ingredients allows them to recommend appropriate
    Medical Grade products.
  • All products are fresh and purchased from the Brand, and
    delivered in the Brand’s sealed and never opened package.
  • With an AchieveBeauty Membership you will always get savings
    of 25% to 50% off the price of recommended Medical Grade
    products often making them less expensive than OTC products.
  • There is always a lowest price guarantee and a 100% satisfaction
    refund policy when purchasing from an AchieveBeauty
    Recommended seller.