Why Knowing About Harmful Ingredients
You Are Using is Very Important

  • Europe, Canada and Japan Ban Over 1,400 ingredients while the U.S. bans less than 30, because Congress has not given the FDA needed authority to ban more.
  • What You Put On Your Skin, Touch, or Inhale, What You Put On Your Skin, Touch, or Inhale,

Your Toxic Ingredient Time Bomb Is Ticking

The more toxic ingredients you’re exposed to, the more they accumulate over, and the more toll they take on your health. At first your energy level or short term memory might seem a little less sharp. Then you have a few more aches and pains. At some point, your skin and hair starts to look duller. Then you start getting sick a little more often, and then your overall health begins to suffer.

Products You’re Using May Cause Health Problems You Want to Avoid

Skincare, Cosmetics, Hair Care and Household Products

  • World Health Organization estimated that 82% of all chronic degenerative diseases are caused by exposure to toxic substances
  • Upsala University studied 1,000 participants and found that those with higher levels of the toxic ingredient phthalates were twice as likely to develop diabetes.
  • Report to Congress submitted by Senator R Kennedy stated that 1,4 Dioxane causes hormonal imbalances, infertility problems, as well as cancer.
  • American Cancer Society reported a strong link between benzene and immune system toxicity and leukemia.
  • University of Notre Dame tested more than 230 commonly used cosmetics and found that over 50% contained ingredients linked to cancer, kidney disease, liver damage, child development, thyroid conditions, auto-immune disorders and others.
  • American Lung Association found that many products include harmful chemicals that can cause major health problems.
  • Many Other Studies have linked ingredients found in the majority of cosmetics, skincare, hair care and household products to breast and other cancers, liver problems, asthma, cardiovascular problems, pregnancy and reproductive problems, respiratory and lung problems, internal organ issues, lung problems, kidney damage, and more.

Natural and Organic Products Aren’t The Answer

  • Organic Consumers Association found that 4% of all “green” and “natural: beauty products (tested in the study) contained cancer causing ingredients.

High Priced Products Aren’t The Answer

  • FDA conducted a survey of toxic metals in cosmetics, and found that arsenic, cobalt, lead, mercury and nickel were present in unsafe amounts in both luxury and budget brands.

A Few Problems Caused by Toxic Ingredients


A reason for acne is often due to the ingredients in the beauty products that we apply on our face. Many natural oils can be some of the worst offenders and cause severely inflamed acne.

Collagen is responsible for improving skin elasticity which reduces visible wrinkles, and keeps your skin plump with a youthful glow. Methylparabens and its many synonym ingredients reduce both new collagen production and existing levels. This reduction of collagen speeds up cell aging and results in the production of more lines and wrinkles. Despite the problems it causes, methylparaben is used in moisturizers, face and body creams, foundations, primers and more.

Mineral acids, HCI, H2SO, Sulfuric Acid and others, can cause an irreversible change in the chemical bonds that hold collagen protein in your skin together, and cause these to break down, leading to sagging and wrinkling of the skin.

Phthalates, are synthetic ingredients used by cosmetic manufacturers to help the product last longer.

A study from Uppsala University suggests that this ingredient is linked to type-2 diabetes. This study found, among 1,000 participants, that those with higher levels of phthalates in their blood were twice as likely to develop diabetes.

It is not just about wrong eating, drinking and lack of exercise that can contribute to high blood pressure. Build-up of toxins leads to poisoning of systems and cause health problems like hypertension and many others. The World Health Organization (WHO), estimates that 82% of all chronic degenerative diseases are caused by environmental exposure to toxic metals.

Tests have shown that minor exposure to Cadmium targets blood vessels and heart tissue, as well as, the kidneys, lungs and brain, and results in heart disease, hypertension, liver damage, suppressed immune system and other problems. These tests have caused Canada to ban the use of it in all of their cosmetics, but it is still being used in America.