How to Find Safer Nail Polish Alternatives

Toxic nail polish is found nearly everywhere – and most people never give it a second thought.

If you have ever taken a whiff inside of a nail salon or even when opening a bottle of nail polish, then you have a good idea of just how strong the chemicals in these products are. Yet, despite the odor, many people continue to paint their nails regularly.

Is nail polish bad for you? Are there any Better alternatives?

Nail polish contains harmful ingredients – and the companies that make them are not required to list what is in each bottle. This should immediately send up red flags. What’s more, some have dangerous toxins while others have removed them, branding themselves as being “free” from known harmful ingredients. The truth is – these known toxic ingredients have simply been replaced with other not commonly kown toxic ingredients that can be just as concerning for health. Achieve Beauty offers our Ingredient Analysis Tool to give you all the details about exactly what’s lurking inside your nail polish.

Sure, nail polish has a lot of chemicals, but it doesn’t go on your skin. So, what’s the big deal, right?

Despite the fact that you are not applying nail polish directly to your skin, solvents and substances within it increase the skin’s absorption. All you need is the tiniest contact with your cuticle or surrounding skin and it is making its way inside your body. And let’s not even talk about the dangers of biting your nails or inhaling the fumes! Keep in mind that this applies to nail polish, removers, and various nail treatments. And don’t be fooled by brands claiming to be “natural” either.

Below are a few toxic ingredients you should avoid:

Finding Better Nail Polish Alternatives

You can still have beautiful nails without putting yourself at risk. You simply have to find the ones that are void of any dangerous ingredients. There are many different options but, as we said, most do not list their ingredients on the bottle – and this can make it challenging to find better alternatives.

Thankfully, you don’t have to scour thousands of brands and bottles of a better nail polish for you to paint your nails with. Why? Because Achieve Beauty has done all the research for you.

Using our Ingredient Analysis Tool you are able to determine whether or not the nail polish you use contains any harmful ingredients. And, addressing the concerns most important to you, you can choose to use a much better nail polish.

The Best Non Toxic Nail Polish

The best non-toxic nail polish is one that is water-based. Not only does it look great, but it is long-lasting and quick drying, too. The best part? You simply soak your fingers in hot water for five minutes to remove it. This further reduces your exposure to chemicals by not having to use a nail polish remover!

Learn more about water-based nail polish – and how Achieve Beauty’s Ingredient Analysis Tool works. You may just be surprised at the affordability and variety of healthy, cleaner nail polishes on the market.

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