How to Find Safe Nail Polish Alternatives

Nail Polish Ingredients Can Enter Your Blood

Most people think that nail polish isn’t absorbed since you’re not rubbing it on your skin directly, however nail polish has solvents and other substances that actually increase the skin’s absorption. Contact with the cuticles can also draw chemicals into the body. In addition, the inhalation of nail polish fumes can be very harmful and so can ingestion that results from nail-biting.

Hidden Harmful Nail Polish Ingredients

Nail polish companies are NOT required to list their ingredients on the product label, no matter how harmful they’ve been found to be. That’s also true for top coats, removers and treatments.

Don’t Be Misled by Brands Claiming 3 to 10 “Free”

The term 3 Free to 10 Free, refers to polishes that do not contain specific ingredients (e.g. formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate and others). For these products, specified ingredients have been phased out, but the majority of those nail polish makers are just exchanging old ingredients for newer ones that mostly exhibit the same impact on our health. What’s included is what you need to watch for – not what’s been eliminated.

Nail Polish Removers Can Also Be Very Harmful

Many nail polish removers contain acetone and other toxic ingredients which removes polish very quickly. These are also very harmful.

Natural Brands Can Also Be Harmful

Many nail product brands claim to be natural and safe. While they are technically a safer option, they can still have ingredients that cause serious health problems. For example, lead, cobalt, mercury, arsenic and many others are all classified as natural ingredients.

Potential Dangers of Some Toxic Ingredients Used in Nail Care Products

Our Recommended Product

Addressing Toxic Nail Polish

Water Based Nail Polish

We are recommending a state of the art durable, quick drying, long lasting and non-toxic water based nail polish. It’s available in a wide choice of colors, and has been proven to last a week or more and is less likely to dry out or stain the finger nails like oil based nail polish.

It is possible to remove this nail polish without any toxic remover by simply soaking fingers in hot water for five minutes.

6 Benefits of This Nail Polish