It’s hard to consider pleasant smelling scents that inspire perfumes of cherry blossom, vanilla, jasmine, and others as posing a threat to your health. As a result, many people just spritz perfume on our neck, wrists, and clothes without a second thought. It seems harmless. But if the fragrances are left on our skin all day and can be very harmful.

Dangerous Perfume Ingredients Are Hidden

Federal law doesn’t require companies to disclose the chemicals hidden under the name “fragrance”. Many fragrances are composed of 10-30 different chemicals derived from natural raw materials or petroleum.

Sometimes an incomplete list is shown, or the product is referred to as organic or natural or attention is brought to some of the products favorable ingredients, but the toxic ingredients are simply hidden by the word “fragrance” – a category that really could mean anything. Because so many ingredientsincluded in perfume aren’t disclosed, there are some well-founded concerns over the chemical reactions perfume can trigger in your body.

The Perfume You Breathe or Put on Your Skin Can Be Toxic

Recent data compiled by Women’s Voices for the Earth reveals that a third of all fragrance chemicals currently have been flagged as potentially toxic by scientists around the world.

Testing conducted by Breast Cancer Prevention Partners in 2018 revealed that three out of four hazardous chemicals identified in the products tested were fragrance ingredients.

Celebrity or High Cost Perfumes Are Also Dangerous

For years, high-end fragrances and celebrity-recommended perfumes and colognes were a highly desired, novelty item. Smelling of Chanel or Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue was considered a sign of luxury that only a person of status might afford. However, according to statistics, sales of extravagant fragrance products like these have dropped significantly in the last few years. It’s possible that one reason for this is that the world is becoming more informed about the toxic nature of these products.

Top 10 Known Harmful Ingredients in Fragrances

Our Recommend Safe Perfume Brand

All Natural Ingredient Perfumes

This perfume brand we recommend is made with 100% natural ingredients selected for their sense of smell and their therapeutic, mood enhancing qualities. They are all plant derived, vegan, cruelty free, ethically sourced and readily biodegradable.

Complete Ingredient Disclosure

This brand does not hide harmful ingredients under the word fragrance. Every ingredient for each product is listed on their website, while most perfumes show no ingredients or only show a partial list.

Samples Available

Buying a perfume online is difficult if you never tried it before. To overcome this problem, this brand makes available a sample service, where you can test three fragrances from the comfort of your home for just $20. Plus, you can redeem the purchase price of the sample service on any perfume bottle you love and want to purchase.

Fragrances Masculine/Feminine

The whole collection is gender-neutral (unisex). If you are looking for a more traditionally masculine fragrance, we recommend Grey Labdanum. If you are looking for a more traditionally feminine fragrance, we recommend Pink Iris. Cyan Nori and Green Cedar are extremely unisex.

Does A 100% Natural Perfume Stay On Your Skin?

Some fragrances last longer than others, i.e, Golden Neroli is a citrus floral that dissipates more quickly than the others. Pink Iris is a denser floral musk and has surprising staying power. Grey Labdanum and Cobalt Amber are comprised of longer-lasting ingredients resins.


The perfumes of this brand do not contain any ingredients from animal origin, nor are they tested on animals.

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