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How Can You Save Money On Beauty Products
Without Lowering Your Standards?


The Outrageous Reason Beauty Products Are So Expensive

The first reason prices are so high for cosmetics, skincare and hair care products is the law allows beauty product manufacturers to set a suggested retail price for its products and not sell its products to any stores that sell them for less. To get compliance, manufacturers often help pay for the seller's advertising, or even pay for fixtures in the seller's retail store.

This Price Fixing Even Though the Law Says It’s Not

This is not considered price fixing because no one is being forced to sell at the manufacturer's prices. Instead, the product manufacturers "suggest" a retail price, and then give extra incentives to retailers who sell at that price while charging penalties to those who sell the product at a lower price.

This is similar to the pricing policies used in the care industry. While some people still pay full price for a car, many buyers have learned how to acquire a new car at well below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Buying at a 20% to 50% lower price, even tor the most popular brands, is now possible for your cosmetics, skin care and hair care products.

Saving Money on Beauty Care Products is Tricky But
Achieve Beauty Will Make it Easy For You


Why Major Retail Stores Can’t Be Price Competitive

Sephora had a sales volume of about $6 billion in 2019 and Ulta also had sales of approximately $6 billion in 2019. If either of these two companies offered a 20% regular online discount, their existing customers would likely learn of it and want it for their reorders. Based on current sales volumes, that would cost these companies $2.4 billion ($12 x 20%). This is a barrier for retail stores to offer lower prices in either the online or in-store market.

Why Saving Money is Tricky Online

Websites that sell beauty products online know you're looking for the best prices. That's why they have several dirty tricks up their sleeve to fool you into believing you've just found the perfect place to buy your beauty products when you haven’t. Let’s review some of the online tricks and then you will see how Achieve Beauty will help you avoid these tricks.

Out Of Stock

Some websites advertise your favorite beauty product at an outrageously low price, but they often seem to be out of stock, and you’ll have to wait weeks to get the product advertised.

Bait and Switch

Sometimes you see a low price advertised on an online shopping service and when you click the ad for that product you're taken to a totally different product. That wasn't a computer error, it was outright trickery.

Using Product Size to Trick You

Some sites offer a lower price in their advertisements for one size to get your attention, and then you find that the size you want is either not available or sold at a non-competitive price.

Overpriced Shipping

Other gimmicks involve charging more money for shipping at the checkout when they know you're less likely to cancel your order.

Over Charging for Reorders

Many so called price discount sites offer one time savings to new customers only, then overcharge on reorders.

Selling Products With an Expired Date

Some sites sell you expired or outdated product versions and bury this fact in tiny print on their hard-to-find terms of service page.

Store Wide Discounts Used to Trick You

Some sites offer what appears to be a site wide discount to get your attention, but then when you try to use it, you find it is not available because there was a disclaimer in the offer that said not all products are included.

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is a sneaky strategy online merchants use to show different prices to different customers according to your location, your browsing and spending patterns and current demand for the product.

Achieve Beauty Will Find You Skincare, Cosmetics and Hair Care Savings
Up to 50% Off – Even For the Most Popular Brands


It’s Fun to Shop in Person But There’s No Reason to Keep Overpaying

When you shop in a store you get to smell a new cologne or perfume, try on a new makeup shade, or take home a sample. And who doesn’t love samples? However, once you know the product you want you should take advantage of the lower prices Achieve Beauty can find for you.

Achieve Beauty Will Save You
More Than What You Currently Spend


For Every $1,000 You're Currently Spending
in Total on Skincare, Hair Care and Cosmetics...

You'll save $1,000 in 4 purchases at just 25% savings ($250 each purchase). The more you're spending the more you'll save.


Achieve Beauty Helps You Save Money 3 Ways


Recommended Sellers Offering Up to 30% or 50% Savings and Possibly More Savings

We search the internet to find you what we believe to be sellers that currently provide the lowest price for the cosmetics, skincare and hair care products you are using or interested in purchasing. The sellers we recommend will provide discounts of up to 50% off the price you are currently paying. But as a general rule, we assume an average seller discount of 30% off.


Referral Cash Rebates

Many of our recommended sellers pay Fees to refer potential customers. We use this fee to provide you with Cash Rebate savings off our recommended seller’s already low prices.

For Every Referral You Make That Registers on Achieve Beauty You Will Receive the Following:

  • Make 1 Referral and receive an extra 10% Cash Rebate on 1 product
  • Make 2 Referrals and receive an extra 10% Cash Rebate on 2 Products.
  • Make 3 Referrals and receive an extra 10% Cash Rebate on 3 products.
  • Receive another 10% Cash Rebate for each additional Referral without limit.


Additional Achieve Beauty Benefits
For Our Recommended Products


Alternate Safer and Effective
Product Recommendations

After completing our ingredient analysis, we will recommend an alternative product with safer ingredients, to address your
same skin or hair concerns as the product we are
recommending you replace.


Lowest Price Guarantee

If you find a lower price offered by our recommended seller for any of our recommended products, after our Cash Rebate, the lower price will be matched, and you will be given a coupon for an extra 10% OFF YOUR TOTAL NEXT ORDER for every product you purchase from a recommended seller.
See Lowest Price Guarantee Details >>

Guaranteed Fresh and Authentic

Every product from every seller we recommend is guaranteed to be authentic, fresh and delivered in the manufacturer’s sealed packaging.

Money Back Guarantee

We only recommend sellers that provide an easy 30 to 60 Day Return Policy.