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What Our Recommendations Include

  1. Correct Order to Apply Products

    The Routines we recommend indicate the exact order that each product should be applied. It’s important to understand that each Step has been recommended in a specific order, based on your personal situation. For example, would you apply an expensive serum and then wash it away with cleanser?
    We present links explaining the reasons we are recommending each Step of the Routine.

  2. No Known Conflicting Ingredients

    Did you know that Retinol and vitamin C conflict?
    We try not recommending products that conflict with each other if applied in the order we recommend.

  3. Products Right For You

    We don’t recommend harsh absorbing products if you have dry skin because it can cause irritation and many other problems. We don’t recommend products that can clog pores if you have acne prone skin, and there are many other things to consider for your skin or hair.
    All of our product recommendations are selected based on your skin and hair type and conditions.

  4. Supporting Information Provided

    We provide our reasons for the recommendation and links to the manufacturer’s website with all product information, ingredients and both good and bad reviews.
    We only recommend products that have a high average star rating and an abundance of good consumer reviews.

  5. YouTube Influencer Links

    We provide links to YouTube Influencers that reviewed every product we recommend. A YouTube Influencer builds a following of thousands by publishing both YouTube good and bad product reviews. They are unbiased, totally independent and have used every product they review.
    We provide links to influencer videos on every product we recommend

  6. Check Product Ingredients

    There is no way for us to determine how your skin will react in advance to any product we recommend. The product may be perfect for others but cause a personal reaction for you. It’s like you having an allergic reaction when you get near a cat, while many people love being near cats. It’s not the problem of the cat, it’s just a reaction you have.
    We arranged for you to be able to purchase a small low cost sample to test any product we recommend.

  7. Free 2-Day Shipping

    If your shopping cart includes more than $99 of products we recommend, will provide AchieveBeauty members with free 2nd day delivery.

  8. Easy Return and Refund Policy provides you with an easy 14 Day Return and Refund Policy, which eliminates your risk in trying recommended products.

  9. Buy Now Pay Later

    eCosmetics has arranged for you to be able to purchase all the recommended products in your Routines with payments over time by making four equal bi-weekly installments, without interest. And, no credit check is required if you have a credit card with no current late payments.