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Everywhere we turn, the world of personal care products promises us the secret to reducing sun damage, minimizing wrinkles, avoid breakouts and giving the skin 24-hour hydration. It is no wonder that consumers spend thousands of dollars each year buying them – and then waiting for results.

Although it is becoming more and more known that many of these products contain dangerous, toxic ingredients, consumers struggle to find affordable options. The shelves in many retail chains are packed with major brands and only a limited supply of safe alternatives. And let’s be real – the cost of purchasing healthy options in these stores can easily strain the budget.

Now, imagine being able to do something good for your body and save money. Impossible? Not with

The Cosmetics Market

The cosmetics market is fierce. Billions upon billions of dollars are made annually by some of the most well-known companies and retail chains. Much of this is the result of the focus and money spent on things like advertising and celebrity endorsement. They do what they can to get their products in front of consumers and draw them into the stores. What’s more, current laws allow beauty product manufacturers to set the product prices, and give incentives for retailers that maintain the brands designated product prices.

Well-known products plus easy accessibility will lead to an increase in sales, regardless of cost. In other words, consumers are willing to purchase whether they save or not due to familiarity and ease of access. And, likely because they believe they need it, too.

Better Alternatives: Breaching the Competition

There are many products available that are free of toxic chemicals. For so long, the problem has been that many consumers don’t know where to find them.

The market is so inundated with the marketing efforts of large corporations that smaller alternatives cannot seem to break through and get their products recognized and sold at an affordable price.

The Beauty Market is Changing

Online sales have been steadily increasing over the years, especially due to the pandemic. Many people are turning to the internet for their purchases rather than solely relying on their local retail chains. As a result, cosmetic, hair care and skin care lines are able to be offered and sold at savings.

Retail stores have traditionally been able to sell products at prices as high as 200% more than their cost, Because there is no heavy overhead, the price point for these products is much, much lower when sold online.

Unfortunately, there is still a downfall. The internet is vast and many online sites are owned by retail stores and they have decided to not offer lower prices online because it would negatively affect the high profit margins they receive every year on their billions of dollars of repeat orders.

Money Saving Benefits with

At Achieve Beauty, we have spent time paying close attention to the personal care industry and diligently doing our research. The experts at Achieve Beauty have researched thousands of products to discover which ones contain harmful ingredients. And we continue to update our results as new products emerge. To make these results easily accessible to everyone, we have created our Ingredient Analysis Tool, a search tool designed to help consumers identify which of their personal care products may be harmful to their health.

But we don’t stop there.

We link you with online sites where you can purchase any day of the year at a discounted rate – as much as 25% to 50% less than the popular retail stores or their websites. Finding products without harmful ingredients with lower prices lets you feel good about what you are putting on and in your body – while saving money, too! Every site we recommend offers you a lowest price guarantee: if you ever find a product at a lower cost that our recommended seller offers, they will match your price – and give you an extra 10% discount on your next order!

So, if you have ever wondered whether or not you could actually use the healthier products your body craves without breaking the bank, you can. Achieve Beauty can show you how.

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