Shower Wash Recommendation

Away Bacteria & Irritants
That Could Cause
Rashes & Skin

Removes Dead
Skin Cells to Help
Clear Pores &
Allow the Skin
Cells to Function

Balances Your
Skin’s Natural Oil
and Improves
Acne and

Improves Blood
Circulation &
Decreases Stress.
Can Relieve Muscle
Aches and Relax
Your Body

Compared to soap this body wash provides a better shower experience. Using a shared soap bar can make bacteria accumulate on your skin.

The Order You Use Some Shower Products May Adversely Affect Your Skin’s Health


Take Off Your Makeup: Be sure you take off your makeup before you get in the shower or as soon as you do unless you’re doing a morning shower and removed your makeup at night. The steam of the warm water will open pores and soften your skin, and you want your skin to be clean so those enlarged pores can breathe.


Set Correct Water Temperature: Hot water can strip skin’s natural, good-for-you oils, leading to dry skin after your shower. Extra-hot water can also burn skin so it’s best to stick to lukewarm water. Be sure it’s room temperature or cooler for the majority of the time you’re under water.


Time Under the Water: The average shower should take 5 to 10 minutes, but shorter cooler showers are generally better for your skin. However, spending 30-60 seconds just standing under the water making sure it’s totally soaked will help results. The water has serious de-stressing powers, and products like shampoo and conditioner work best on hair that’s fully saturated. And if you’re shaving, the prolonged exposure to water will help soften the skin and hair. Also close the door to the bathroom to capture the steam and increase the humidity.