Do You Know Which Toothpaste Ingredients
Should Be Avoided

From the time that you were old enough, your dentist has been advising you to brush your teeth at least twice each day. And this has been recommended to be a major part of your oral hygiene routine for years. So, what if we told you that the toothpaste you have been using is full of harmful ingredients?

Many of the most popular brands of toothpaste contain dangerous toxins that are putting your health at risk. At Achieve Beauty, we have made our way through all the major brands – and even the not-so-major brands of toothpaste – in an attempt to separate those that are safe from those that are not. Our Full Ingredient Analysis Tool can help you determine whether you are just cleaning your teeth – or if you are doing more harm than good.

Since keeping your teeth clean is crucial for your oral health and your overall health, here’s everything you need to know about toothpaste.

Is Toothpaste Bad For You?

Toothpaste is necessary for keeping your mouth healthy. It removes bacteria and debris left in your mouth, reducing your risk of decay. Unfortunately, most toothpaste on the market contains ingredients that are dangerous – even banned in other countries.

And while the harmful toothpaste ingredients come in small amounts, regular use of them can negatively impact you over time. Conditions such as cardiovascular health, dementia, diabetes, bacterial pneumonia, and certain types of cancers are just a few of the negative health effects of your toothpaste.

What about fluoride? Is fluoride toothpaste bad for you? Not surprisingly, many people are under the assumption that fluoride is good for you. The dentist offers fluoride treatments – for both kids and adults. Fluoride is found in many tubes of toothpaste and also mouthwashes. So you must think it is healthy and beneficial, right? Wrong.

Fluoride can reduce the risk of cavities – which is why it has always been so wildly popular. But it can also lead to poisoning, especially when used by young kinds. The FDA gives it an acute toxicity warning, including effects such as nausea, vomiting, hypotension, hypocalcemia, respiratory issues, coma, convulsions, and even death. Regular use over time can include skeletal fluorosis, gastric irritation, numbness, birth defects, cancer, and more. In other words, it’s time to ditch the fluoride.

Other Harmful Ingredients in Toothpaste

Sublingual medications are those that are placed under the tongue. The reason for this is that this is one of the fastest ways to get something absorbed into the bloodstream. So, what do you think happens when you have a mouth full of toothpaste made with toxins?

Achieve Beauty’s Full Ingredient Analysis Tool makes it easy to determine just how toxic your current toothpaste is – and where to find one that is a much safer option. In the meantime, look out for these harmful ingredients in toothpaste:

And, of course, this is all in addition to the dangers of fluoride we discussed above.

Keep Toxins From Getting In Your Bloodstream

If you want to take steps to keep the harmful toxins in toothpaste from getting into your bloodstream and wreaking havoc on your body, Achieve Beauty can help. Our Full Ingredient Analysis Tool can help to determine whether your current toothpaste is safe to use. Simply input your product into our ingredient Analysis System and we will send you customized results of the best (and affordable) toothpaste alternative just for you.

A healthy mouth – and healthy body – are within reach.

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