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shampoo dangers


A harmful ingredient in many shampoos is SLS, which has over 10 alias names. This ingredient strips the hair of natural oils, but also removes beneficial bacteria essential to maintain a healthy scalp and head of hair.

The American College of Toxicology states this ingredient can cause malformation in children’s eye, Other research indicates it can harm the immune system.

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conditioner dangers

Hair Conditioners

Conditioning chemicals can cause serious side effects including liver, kidney and brain damage or deformation. DEA use in hair conditioning products totals over 100,000 tons a year and repeated application, according to the University of Chicago, can cause liver and kidney cancer.

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detangler dangers


Certain oils used as a detangler or hair conditioner have been linked to skin cancer. Many also include significant amounts of Petroleum jelly, Sodium lauryl sulfate and many other harmful ingredients. Even a small amount of these ingredients can be harmful to hair cells and your overall health.

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Styling Products

PVP/V A copolymer is found in most styling products to provide a hold factor. It’s known to cause respiratory issues. PEGs used as a thickening agent. According to an International Journal of Toxicology report, cancer causing ingredients were found in various PEG compounds. These compounds can also interfere with human development.

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