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disinfectant cleaner dangers

Disinfectant Dangers

Cleaning surfaces with disinfectant wipes can disrupt the barrier function of the skin and cause irritation – rashes or tiny splits. This splits invite single cell living organism to enter and that can cause harm to other cells. The Flu and HV are caused by these.

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all purpose cleaner dangers

All-Purpose Cleaner Dangers

Many All-Purpose Cleaners contain very toxic grease-cutting agents, solvent chemicals, and/or sudsing agents. These can irritate the skin, eyes, nose and throat, cause cancer and affect the brain and nervous system.

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hand soap dangers

Hand Soap Dangers

Toxic ingredients in traditional soap are used to create lather, scents, and kill bacteria. The FDA estimates that about 40% of soap have at least one toxic ingredient that is not safe.

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laundry detergent dangers

Laundry Detergent Dangers

The ingredients of laundry detergents are responsible for many household poisonings when stored under a cabinet, in not childproof containers. Adults when using with other cleaning chemicals can create a deadly gas.

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toilet bowl cleaner dangers

Toilet Bowl Cleaner Dangers

A toxic chemical in toilet bowl cleaner is hydrochloric acid, that causes eye and respiratory tract irritation if inhaled and kidney damage. Some people unknowingly add bleach to the bowl and the combination with HCI releases chlorine gas, which can cause breathing problems. Very high levels can cause death.

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glass cleaner dangers

Window / Mirror Cleaner Dangers

Some window and glass cleaner ingredients cause skin or respiratory irritation, and some are associated with long-term effects such as cancer.

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food container dangers

Food Container Dangers

Many plastic containers are contaminated with PFAS. Even small exposures can lead to liver damage, thyroid disease, decreased fertility, hormone suppression and cancer. These toxins are leached into food when warm food is placed in the container or when microwaved.

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cookware dangers

Cookware Dangers

Exposure to PFOA, a chemical used in non-stick cookware, is linked to ovarian, kidney, and prostate cancers. Another study even links the chemical to rapid weight gain.

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