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perfume dangers

Perfume Dangers

Woman Voices of the Earth found that a third of all fragrance chemicals have been flagged as potentially toxic by scientists around the world. The international Fragrance Association reported that over 50% of perfumes they tested showed links to cancer, heart disease, infertility, kidney and liver problems and many more health problems

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nail polish dangers

Nail Polish Dangers

Nail polish solvents increase the skin’s absorption and inhalation of its harmful fumes. Researchers at Duke University found toxins in the body of women they tested within 10 hours of getting their nails polished. The levels continued to rise until they reached a peak about 20 hours later.

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Lipstick Dangers

Lips easily absorbs ingredients and each time you lick your lips, or eat you ingest a small dose of these toxic chemicals. Studies show that lipsticks include ingredients linked to miscarriages, infertility, cancer, and more. Some are banned in Europe but still sold in the U.S.

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mascara dangers

Mascara Dangers

Mascara products contain ingredients linked to cancer and organ system toxicity. Some are toxic to eye cells that protect the cornea. Some clog the oil glands that leads to dry eye disease, which affects over 3.2 million woman over age 50.

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foundation dangers

Foundation Dangers

Some toxic ingredients in foundation can mimic estrogen causing many conditions like oily skin, brain fog, breakouts, dry flaky skin, fatigue, and many more. Some can disrupt your hormones leading to Infertility, trouble getting and staying pregnant, painful periods, irregular periods.

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blush & bronzer dangers

Blush Dangers

Blush & Bronzer remain on your skin all day and have toxic ingredients that according to Safe Cosmetics and EWG are proven carcinogens. Other ingredients have been linked to eczema, hives, and anaphylaxis. Many of the color additives are also considered carcinogenic even at low levels.

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