COVID-19 Has Changed The World of
Beauty…What Now?

BY Seth Czerepak

Personalized Beauty Consulting is the New Trend Online. Meet the
Company That’s Making it Accessible for Everyone

Until recently, you could walk into any cosmetics store and get personalized beauty advice.

Saleswomen were trained to memorize all the ingredients in their products. They knew how your skin type might react to certain ingredients, product combinations, and skincare routines. They could tell you whether you were combining ingredients known to cause breakouts, dry skin, or fine lines.

Today, most women get their beauty advice from influencers or online quizzes based on mathematical algorithms.

Some manufacturers even post online quizzes for you to enter your general skin conditions. They run these answers through a standardized algorithm and out pops a list of product recommendations. While this is a step in the right direction, these recommendations are limited to the products